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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saving Lives with Tiny Strands of String

During a recent visit to Cambodia, I saw firsthand how this string has been instrumental in pulling young 8-12 year old girls away from the potential of abuse in a brothel towards a healthy, educated, wholesome life full of hope for their future!   
Kim Bui, C&MA International Worker with Vietnamese Girls
Pictured above are some of the young Vietnamese girls whose families live in Cambodia as refugees. They have no legal status in the country. They live in extremely impoverished circumstances where too commonly young girls are sold by parents into the sex trade. Our C&MA International Worker, Kim Bui, is providing an alternative for these girls. 
Three days a week, the girls come to Kim's and make string bracelets.  Hundreds of bracelets!  The sale of these are providing money for their school fees and uniforms.  Education is definitely a huge factor in providing healthy options for their futures.  Funds are also used to provide supplemental food for their families as needed. 
Kim also tutors them in reading using kids' Bible lesson material. They are learning about how much God loves and values them. She is also developing relationships with their parents in hopes that they will also come to know the love of Jesus.  Only then will we see the potential for the practice of selling daughters to stop in this community.  
A highlight for the girls is swimming with Kim at a local hotel pool a couple times a week. The hotel manager has allowed Kim to bring them for a minimal cost. This is such a blessing as normally they would never have opportunities like this. 
Who would have thought that tiny string bracelets could provide life-saving opportunities!  Please pray for these girls and for Kim as she continues to minister among them.  Pray, too, for more workers to go and join Kim in this venture!

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