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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prison Bars Can't Keep the Love of God Out!

On a recent visit to Taipei, Taiwan I spent an afternoon with My and Dao Nguyen (our C&MA personnel) on one of their weekly visits to a prison where they meet with the Vietnamese prisoners. We entered through 4 separate guarded doors where each door would not open until the door behind you had locked. As a woman, I had to wear a panic button around my neck. I was told, "Pull this in case anyone attacks you." By the time they gave me that, I had already passed through 3 of the guarded doors...No turning back! 
What an amazing experience, though, spending 2 hours meeting with many small groups throughout the prison talking to these men, hearing their stories, and praying with them. (With translation, of course.) Most of them were in their 20's serving 8 years to life-long sentences. (Some for murder; some robbery, etc.) Many are now following Christ and the Thursday meetings are their time to worship and learn biblical lessons. One group sang 'Amazing Grace' in Vietnamese which was definitely a highlight. 

There were other church leaders of seven different language groups who were meeting with small groups of men throughout the prison as well.  I learned that once every two months this facility allows a large prison-wide Christian service where all languages gather to worship and receive communion. Eight of the Vietnamese men I met are going to be baptized at this celebration next month. 

A great reminder that past mistakes and prison walls cannot keep someone from experiencing the grace and love of God!


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  1. Words cannot express how wonderful God is, His love is so thick, he loves the sinners. He deserves the highest honor and praises!

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