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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ebola Response in Guinea

The World Health Organization reports that over 10,000 people have died from the Ebola epidemic; almost all of them in the three worst-affected countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The numbers of new cases per week is definitely diminishing; however, the devastating effects will continue for years to come. After a temporary withdrawal from the country, our International Worker, Lizette Lavoie, returned in January to join efforts with CAMA Services and the Guinean Alliance national Church for Ebola Relief. 

This is Marie!  Her face shows the grief of losing her husband, her mother and her firstborn son. The stories of loss are repeated over and over again. One small village reportedly lost 52 people within a few weeks. 

Lizette reports that to date, they have been able to assist 60 widows, while they estimate there are over 800 throughout the country. "We have no man left to farm for us," one woman lamented.  

Months ago, villagers were afraid of anyone who would come from the outside.  In fact, the national church still mourns the loss of a team of seven relief workers who were stoned to death because of fear that they were coming to spread the virus.
This new strategy involves working through local church leaders who are known and trusted by local villagers. 

As sympathy is expressed upon arriving in a village, the walls of hostility and mistrust are broken and the church is welcomed and able to do the following activities:
Awareness and prevention training
Instruction on Treating Ebola
School Kit Distributions for Orphaned Children

Many children orphaned by Ebola or left with one parent are now back in school because of the school kits provided. 

Uniforms, Tuition and school books
For girls, too!

Food Assistance

Please uphold this ministry in prayer:

  • Health and safety for Lizette and team
  • Comfort for those suffering such loss
  • Wisdom for Church leaders implementing the ministry in local villages
  • Many would come to faith in Christ
  • The Church in Guinea would grow and be strengthened

Donations can be sent to the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, designated for the:

 Global Emergency Response Fund. 

Click here for on-line donation. 

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