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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fighting for Justice for Abandoned Babies

In a West African country where we work, it is not uncommon that a newborn is throw away.  Two of our workers, Lizette and Collette oversee very different ministries in this country but both are seen by locals as people who will love and value these babies. 
As babies were brought to Collette, it was obvious that there was a need to open an Infant Rescue Centre.  Currently there are eight babies who are being nurtured to health and wholeness until they can be adopted into a loving Christian family. 
There is another group interested in saving these babies...  Unfortunately, they are known child traffickers who have vested interest in getting possession of these babies in order that they can sell them! 
Today I received an email from Lizette asking us to pray for 'Baby David.'  This is a young infant that has been a part of her ministry.  These child traffickers are attempting to get custody of this little one pictured below:
Here is an excerpt from Lizette's letter:  "Today may be the deciding day! Please pray for justice. The cries of hundreds, even thousands, of babies, thrown away by their mothers or stolen from their parents are rising up to God, as they are sold out of country into adoption, slavery, for sacrifices or for organs. My heart is totally torn by this massive tragedy, but God is able to touch the hearts of the judge and counsel,so that this country's child protection laws will be upheld, and child traffickers' schemes be foiled. We are fighting not only for David, but for all babies thrown away. They need to be loved and cared for until good families are found for them, families who will adopt them legally, love them and raise them up as their own."  
I sit and write this from my office, thousands of miles away.  How do I respond?  How do I participate in this battle against injustice?   I pray...AND I contribute funds to the C&MA's Global Advance Fund which supports Lizette and Collette to be there leading these ministries.  I also contribute money to the two projects that specifically enable the care for these precious lives.  The C&MA's Baby Rescue Centre  and the C&MA's Kids in Crisis. I invite you, the reader to do the same!


  1. how can I get involved in this ministry? would it be possible for our church to take a team there as well as support them financially? we would like to develop a relationship with them where we can be involved in praying specifically for them and the children involved. is there a newsletter i can follow?

    1. Please email me at